Failed to resolve forward links for Apple Developer Portal client

I recently got this error in Visual Studio for Mac when setting everything up for iOS development:

Failed to synchronize account with Apple Developer Portal. “Failed to resolve forward links for Apple Developer Portal client. Reason: Please check your internet connection or try again later.”

After receiving it, I did the usual process of checking my developer account, confirming I’ve accepted any new terms and conditions and making sure I am part of the team that develops the app. However, all these things were correct.

Eventually, after giving up the fight with Visual Studio, I decided to try to add my details into Xcode, seeing as Visual Studio uses it as part of the build process. I added my Apple account in Xcode -> Preferences -> Account. This worked, and then next I clicked the “Download Manual Profiles” button.

Once the profiles had been downloaded, I opened Visual Studio again and this time it worked. 🎉

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